Student Onboarding Checklist: in-platform training

Welcome to BridgeU! When you log in you will be presented with an onboarding checklist to teach you the basics of the student experience in 5 steps. If you don't see the checklist, please ensure you have accepted cookies (a banner should pop up).

The videos below take you through each step for those of you who'd like a little more information before taking on the checklist yourself.

If you'd like to hide the checklist select "I'm done with this" to remove it permanently.


Step 1:  Get to know the tools on the BridgeU menu (click the hyperlinks for Help Center guides and videos)


Step 2:  Explore the Strategy Advisor


Step 3:  Build a Profile


Step 4:  Understanding shortlisting and matching


Step 5:  Researching your shortlisted universities


Note: if the checklist doesn't mark as complete, try refreshing the page, or attempt the step again. If the issue persists contact us via the LiveChat for assistance.

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