Document Sending Top Tips (Updated November 2020)

Congratulations on reaching the first major early deadlines in one piece! The past weekend saw a flurry of applications and tens of thousands of documents sent to universities as students got in their applications early, hopeful of a swift response from the universities.

As the new document sending interface got its first major outing, a few key trends have been spotted by BridgeU's CS team and we have really appreciated hearing many of your thoughts on what you love and what could be made better. As our product team continue to take your feedback on board to improve the user experience even further, we aim to address some common queries we are receiving from our busy counselors to help you with the next set of deadlines.

Read on and check out the super short clips below to become a Doc Sending pro!


1. Confirm those counselor details (this is a legal requirement).


2. Send teacher recommendations easier using our handy grid.

Note: if TRs are failing to send and the maximum has not been exceeded, it's likely the student added recommenders on the Common App before pairing their BridgeU accounts. Refer to item 3 in this guide, and contact if needed.


3.  Yellow "sending" bubble? Saved forms not updating? If ever in doubt: refresh!


4. I get a "recommender already invited" error or an error linked to the email address being used when I save a form.


5. I keep getting errors when I save my Common App forms - help! Check our help center article for help, or reduce the number of characters in the field on the form.


6. Sending predicted grades? Upload as a transcript. If you forgot, or if you need to update any transcript mistakes you can use the School Optional Report.


7. Switching or updating the counselor or teacher recommendation letter.





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