Counselor Quick Start Guide

Please follow the steps below for a self-guided training to go over core BridgeU features:

Step 1: Activate your BridgeU account before logging in from the sign-in page (use the 'forgot your password' link if needed).

Step 2: From your advisor account, create a dummy student account. Click the name of your dummy student to view their overview, then click Student's Dashboard to the far right of your screen to enter their account.


Step 3: View this set of videos to familiarise yourself with basic student features. Use your test student account to follow along and explore BridgeU.

Please note: You will need to log out of your advisor account, and log in with your dummy student account to view the Careers Tool.

Step 4: Returning to your advisor account, learn how to filter students and assign a task. Try assigning a task to your dummy student.

Step 5: Explore the lesson planning and task planning guides, available along with other resources in the BridgeU help center.

Step 6: Schedule time to speak with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to go over any questions. Contact your CSM directly or email to set up a time.

Step 7: If you don't have any questions for our team, view our best practice guide to launching with students.

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