Counselor Quick Start Guide


Please follow the steps below for a self-guided training to take you through your BridgeU onboarding journey:

Step 1: Activate your BridgeU Advisor Account using the Welcome Email sent to you. Once you've logged in and explored the platform, be sure to create a test student account from your new advisor account. This will enable you to login and view the platform as a student.


Step 2: View these training videos to familiarise yourself with the Advisor side of the platform. 

Step 3: Be sure to add your students onto BridgeU. Once you have added students to your school account, they will be prompted to login to the platform with a Welcome Email. 

Step 4: View this set of videos to familiarise yourself with the student side of BridgeU. Use your test student account to follow along and explore BridgeU as a student. 

Please note: You will need to log out of your advisor account first, and log in with your test student account. The Careers Tool is only accessible through the student portal. 

Step 5: Returning to your advisor account, be sure to login and explore our exclusive Advisor Community, which is accessible from the bottom left hand corner of your dashboard. Here, you will be

able to explore further resources to help implement BridgeU at your school. Most importantly, you’ll have access to a network of BridgeU counsellors across the globe!


 Congratulations on completing your onboarding with BridgeU! 

       For further support, contact us on 

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