I'm a parent, how can I use BridgeU to support my child?

BridgeU is built for advisor and student collaboration during the career and university guidance process. As parents, you also play an important role and can best contribute in the following ways:

  • Review the experiences your child has entered into the Strategy Advisor. As a parent, you may be able to think of additional experiences your student has missed.
  • As your child begins researching their Shortlist of universities and courses, initiate a conversation to help your child understand family expectations about things like tuition cost or geographic location.
  • Encourage your child to organise, track, and update their progress within Applications as they prepare and send university applications. This will ensure you, your child, and your child's advisor are all on the same page throughout the application process.


Here is a video that introduces parents to BridgeU, and explains some of the features that a parent can use to help with their child's research and university applications.



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