Lesson 1 - Interests, strengths and skills

Lesson 1 is all about exploring your own interests, strengths and skills.

This is an important step of your journey through life and is useful for the following reasons:

  • It helps you to explore suitable pathways to follow for your education during school, and plan for when you leave.
  • It enables you to reflect on who you are - your "personal brand".
  • You can plan to work on areas that you are interested in, but may not be linked to strengths or skills you currently possess.
  • You become better at "selling yourself" - whether it be on your CV/resumé, to university admissions representatives, or in a job interview.

Either as a group lesson, or individually, work though the activities in lesson 1 below. You'll need something to write and draw with - either digitally or pen and paper, whichever you prefer.



Here's a video walking you through the activities:


Useful resources:


For counselors - Tasks to set:

  • Custom - Complete Lesson 1 activities:

You should produce a mind map so you are able to easily communicate your interests, strenghts and skills https://help.bridge-u.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360016691017



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