Lesson 7 - Careers and your assessment results


Lesson 7 is all about exploring your recommended careers using your Human eSources assessment results.

This lesson is useful for:

  • Understanding which careers you may be well suited to, based on your multiple intelligences and/or personality type.
  • Understanding what different careers are available, the requirements for pursuing these jobs and typical day-to-day activities involved.
  • Guiding you when exploring the Careers tool within BridgeU.

Either as a group lesson, or individually, work though the activities in lesson 7 below. You'll need something to write and draw with - either digitally or pen and paper -  and access to the Human eSources assessments.


Note: This lesson requires access to the Human eSources (formerly ‘Keys to Succeed’ / 'KTS') Assessments. If you have not purchased KTS, move to Lesson 8 or contact hi@bridge-u.com for more information on the assessments


Here's a video walking you through the activities:



Useful resources:

  • How career clusters link to BridgeU Career tool categories:

Not sure on choosing a particular career? Check out this article.


For Counselors - Task to set:

  • Custom - Lesson 7: Explore careers on KTS/Human Esources.

Log into KTS and navigate to your recommended careers. Spend some time noting down your Careers Clusters. https://help.bridge-u.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360016892038



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