Lesson 8 - Thinking about Careers


Lesson 8 is all about understanding how to relate your interests, strengths and skills to career options, and how much job markets are changing due to emerging technologies.

You will learn:

  • If it's right for you to select a career pathway at this stage.
  • Techniques for preparing yourself for an unknown career trajectory.
  • How to interpret job market data to understand the advantages and risks of pursuing a particular profession.
  • How this information can help you discover university opportunities within BridgeU.

Either in a group lesson or individually, work through the activities in lesson 8 below. You'll need something to write and draw with (either digitally or with pen and paper), access to your BridgeU account, and your skills, strengths and interests mind map from lesson 1.



Useful resources:

  • Helpsheet: Human eSources/KTS Career Clusters and how they match to BridgeU career families.

  • Helpsheet: BridgeU career families and skills/interest groupings.

If you're a BridgeU counsellor, head over to the BridgeU Community for what tasks can be assigned for this Lesson.



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