Lesson 6- Multiple Intelligences

In Lesson 6 you will be learning about the theory of multiple intelligences.

This lesson is useful for:

  • Discovering the 8 different types and your comparative strengths and weaknesses from each one.
  • How to further develop on these intelligences to your furthest potential.

For this lesson you will need access to Human eSources- previously known as keys to succeed (KTS). If you are not sure whether you have a login, please ask your counselor. 



Here's a video walking you through the activities:


Resources needed:


For Counselors


Tasks to set on BridgeU:


Useful Resources:


Getting the most from the assessment results:

The Criteria Checklist is a brilliant resource for helping students digest their report - which contains a lot of information - into bite-size chunks and create individual action plans. Use the resources above and have students complete their own Criteria checklist to get maximum value out of this activity. As your CSM if you require assistance with how to implement this.

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