Lesson 9 - Researching best-fit careers


Lesson 9 is all about understanding how your interests, strengths and skills relate to various career options, which factors are important to you in a job and how to find those best-fit career options on BridgeU.

You will learn:

  • How to explore the BridgeU careers tool to select different options.
  • How to identify factors that are important to you in a job role.
  • How to apply your own preferences to rate different jobs in order to understand their suitability.

Either in a group lesson or individually, work through the activities in lesson 9 below. You'll need something to write and draw with (either digitally or with pen and paper), access to your BridgeU account, and your skills, strengths and interests mind map from lesson 1.



Here's a video walking you through the activities:



For Counselors: Tasks to set

  • Assessment: BridgeU Careers Report

Assessment URL: https://careers.bridge-u.com/ 

Details: Build a report by clicking on "Interested" for careers and subjects you want to look at. Click View Report. Click Print, but then select "Save as PDF" from the printer menu. Upload your Careers Report to Assessments as a PDF file.

  • Custom - Lesson 9: Researching best-fit careers:

Complete lesson 9. Navigate to Careers on BridgeU, continue searching through the careers families distinguishing which are best related to your skills, and build your report with 15 careers in BridgeU. Then rate these options compared to your own preferences. https://help.bridge-u.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360017174157

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