Lesson 2 - Organising your experiences

Lesson 2 is all about identifying and organising your experiences.

Collecting and analysing your own experiences is useful for the following reasons:

  • It helps you know what makes you different from your peers, what makes you unique.
  • You can learn what qualities these experiences demonstrate about you.
  • It enables you to see where you have the opportunity to improve by developing experience in weaker areas.
  • You can become a better planner by making SMART goals specific to you that address the areas you're looking to improve.
Either as a group lesson, or individually, work though the activities in lesson 2 below. You'll need something to write and draw with - either digitally or pen and paper, whichever you prefer.



Here's a video walking you through the activities:


Useful resources:


For counselors - Tasks to set:

  • Custom - Complete Lesson 2 activities:
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