BridgeU Virtual Events: Overview


Does BridgeU offer virtual university fairs? 

We think that, in certain cases, virtual university fairs are really useful and we’d certainly never criticise our peers and colleagues at other companies who offer virtual university fairs. 


But BridgeU’s mission has always been to deliver personalised university & careers guidance to our students. And we want to help university and college counsellors in all of our schools to do this well! 


So we try to incorporate this mission into our virtual events too. We offer a range of virtual events that, as much as possible, are tailored to the needs of our college counsellors, careers advisers, teachers and students. 


So what types of virtual events does BridgeU run? 

Glad you asked! We’re really proud that, in the last year, we’ve developed and run over 50 live events, both large and small in scale, partnering with both schools and universities. Let’s look at a few examples: 



Like a virtual fair, our showcases allow your students to meet multiple universities in a concentrated period of time. Universities will share information about their courses, their campuses and their culture. Students also get the chance to ask their questions to the university. 


But unlike a virtual fair, our showcases are always organised around a particular theme and tailored to the interests of your students.

For example, let’s say there are some students at your school who are already really keen on studying in the UK. Maybe they’ve already expressed an interest in one or more UK universities. 

When we organise a showcase we make sure we invite those students who are already interested in a particular university or country. That way, your students will be able to attend a virtual event that’s tailored to where they are in their research and/or application process. 


We’re also experimenting with new types of showcases. Our new career showcases give students the chance to ask universities their questions about a certain career path. Plus, because we invite universities from different countries, your students will get an insight into how certain career paths can differ internationally. 


Any upcoming showcases will be displayed to your students in their discover feed and all past showcase recordings can be found on our website in the resources section.



Is there a particular aspect of careers guidance or college counselling that’s got you feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed? Are you dreading the mountain of documents you’ll have to deal with when application season comes around? Has someone in your school forgotten how the BridgeU Reference Writing feature works (we’re not offended, don’t worry!)? 


Our webinars are here to help. These smaller events are usually an hour long and are designed to help you with any aspect of university applications, counselling or careers guidance, whether it’s setting your students up for summer internships, or just giving you a refresher on how Document Sending works. 


Any upcoming webinars will be promoted to you by email and also in our newsletters. To watch any of our previous recordings, you can check them out here on our website.


Networking events

We know that our schools value the chance to meet and connect with university reps from all over the world. But the arrival of COVID-19 changed how schools and universities operated and getting that crucial dialogue started is now much harder. 


As well as networking events between our schools which allow counsellors to discuss and offer advice on important topics, we also often run networking events between our schools and universities. These events are run across different regions and countries in which BridgeU operates and are opportunities for you to network with university reps remotely, to have an informal chat and to ask universities any questions you like!


Any upcoming networking events will be promoted to you by email. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to attend the next upcoming event.


Regional university fairs 

“But wait,” we hear you ask. “I thought BridgeU didn’t do university fairs?” 


Like we said, we think university fairs can be really useful. But it’s been our experience that, since these events went virtual, many fairs have just literally taken the live experience online, with Zoom breakout rooms taking the place of exhibit stands. 


We wanted to do things a bit differently. Our regional fairs take a more personalised approach. We’ve worked with our schools in cities like Milan and Cairo to organise a number of themed university fairs, that give students a more well-rounded perspective on higher education and ultimately help them make more informed choices. 


So as well as just introducing students to universities, we’ve run sessions on the different types of university (e.g. liberal arts colleges) or given students a crash course on what it’s like to study in different countries and cities around the world (e.g. what’s the difference between an English and a Scottish education in the UK?) 


Can we suggest an event, or get involved with an existing one? 

Of course you can! BridgeU is nothing without the generous insight and diverse expertise of our counsellors, teachers and guidance professionals. We’re always keen to expand the range and scope of our events. If you’ve got an idea, let’s talk about how we can collaborate! Get in touch with your relevant CSM, or contact us through We’re always excited to hear from you! 








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