Lesson 15 - Drafting your Personal Statement / Common App Essay

Lesson 15 is on drafting your personal statement / Common App Essay.

This is an important step of your university application journey:

  • It is one of the few areas of your application where you have full control 
  • Through your application essay you can reflect who you are and your "personal brand"
  • You gain a better awareness of how to "promote yourself" to university admissions representatives

Either as a group lesson or individually, work through the activities in lesson 15 below. You'll need access to your BridgeU account.



BridgeU counselors: head over to the Resource Hub in BridgeU Community to see what tasks can be assigned for this lesson and review useful resources such as PDF Guide: UK Personal Statement and PDF Guide: US application essays.


You may also find the below help center articles helpful too:



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