A guide to University Visits

With the University Visits feature, you can now communicate, manage and measure the success of universities visiting your school.

How does it work for advisors?

Schedule a university visit

You can now easily schedule and notify students of universities visiting your school. Go to the University Visits menu tab and click on Create University Visit and add all important information, such as:

  • Universities Visiting (this can be 1 or more)
  • Title
  • Date & Time
  • Venue
  • Description (e.g. write an agenda of the university visit)


See at a glance all upcoming university visits

You now have visibility of all university visits happening at your school. In the University Visits menu tab, all advisors can see a list of upcoming visits. 


Communicate university visits to relevant students

Advisors can now communicate university visits to relevant students easily. Upon event creation, BridgeU automatically notifies students who have shortlisted the visiting universities (or have them in their applications list).

For instance, if Harvard has been selected in the Universities Visiting field, all students with Harvard in their shortlist or applying for Harvard will be notified.

Manage Event & Attendees

You can see how many students will attend the university visit and who they are from the detail page. This will ensure that the venue and time you have chosen is suitable for all students.

Go to each event detail page by clicking the event title and view the list of students attending. You will see students who marked themselves as attending and students who marked themselves as not attending.

You can manage university visits that have been already created and communicated at your school from this view also, where you can edit or delete any event. Note: if there are students attending, you will be able to notify them of important information changes or if the university visit has been deleted.


Measure the success of university visits

You can evaluate university visit success by reviewing the number of students who attended a past event. 


How does it work for students?

Visibility on university visits

All students and their parents with BridgeU access at your school can see all university visits you or other advisors have created. All university visits will be viewable in their University Visits tab.


Student notifications

Students are notified if a university they have in their shortlist or application list will be visiting. For example, if you create a university visit for Harvard, all students who have Harvard in their shortlist or application list will be notified. The notification will inform them to mark their attendance for the event.

 Student attendance

All students can mark themselves as attending or not attending for all university visits. Students can do so by clicking on "Yes" or "No" on the event details page.



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