Adding Common App Universities to your BridgeU applications


If you are planning to apply to any Common App universities or colleges, follow the steps below to learn how to add them to your BridgeU Applications list.  

If you haven’t paired your Common App and BridgeU accounts yet, simply follow the steps in this article: Pairing your BridgeU & Common App accounts - for Students before proceeding.

Not applying to a University or College via Common App? You can follow these steps on how to add Universities or Colleges to your BridgeU Applications list.

Step 1: When logged in to your Common App account, navigate to College Search. Type the name of the University or College in the search bar and click the + Add button to add the University or College to your application list located in the My Colleges tab. 


Step 2: Navigate to My Colleges. Click on a specific university to input information on your start term and admission plan [University Name] > Application > Questions > General. Answer the questions in this section and click Continue. By completing these questions, you are providing BridgeU information on your selected application deadline.

Step 3:  Complete the FERPA release authorisation process on Common App. This is required before your teachers or advisors can upload recommendation letters and report on your behalf. You can complete this section by selecting the Recommenders and FERPA section on the side-menu.


Step 4: Once you’ve added  all your Universities and Colleges on your Common App account, the data will automatically sync back to your BridgeU Applications page. Check through the list on your BridgeU Applications page to ensure the Universities or Colleges, along with the selected deadlines, match the list on your Common App dashboard. If you feel that any University/ College information is missing or incorrect, double check that the information is saved in your Common App account correctly and contact BridgeU Support if you need further assistance.


If you need to remove any Common App Universities from your BridgeU Applications list, you will need to do this directly on your Common App dashboard by clicking the Remove College button in the My Colleges tab. The update will automatically sync to your BridgeU Applications list.

Congratulations! You have now successfully added Common App Universities/ Colleges to your BridgeU Applications list. Make sure to check out BridgeU's Guide to US Application Essays and good luck with your applications!


If you have any questions or general feedback - we’d love to hear from you! Simply reach out to our Support team via Live Chat or by emailing us on: and we’ll gladly assist you further

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