Assigning Report Writers in Bulk


If you have multiple Report Writers for the UCAS Reference at your school, you can assign the roles in bulk. Simply download and fill in this template and send the completed spreadsheet to

If a teacher listed on the spreadsheet does not have an existing Report Writer account, the bulk upload process will use the information to create a BridgeU Report Writer account, then assign student reports. Therefore, please ensure that the first two columns are the Report Writers’ names instead of the student’s

The column Email of Student must be an email address with an existing student account on BridgeU. 

Report Writer accounts can also be created within your BridgeU Advisor account by going to School Settings > Import Users Via Spreadsheet > download the Report Writer template > upload to create new Report Writer accounts. 

Screenshot 2024-04-26 at 09.43.01.png

Students and subjects can then be assigned to Report Writers on the Reference Letters Tool within your Advisor account.


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