Advisors can now analyse their students’ interest in and admissions success to a specific university. Take a look below to see how each feature works.


On this overview page you can filter by graduation year or by destination country.
Once you click on the uni of your choice you will automatically be shown the names of the students and their application status. The new trends feature will allow you to compare how students from your school have performed year over year at a given university and even contextualise the counselling advice provided to future students building a balanced application list. 
The data is presented in 2 different ways so you can interpret as needed, we have the table view and also the graph. You can see from the table (shown above) the number of students that shortlisted this uni, no of applications, the successful outcomes received, unsuccessful outcomes and students actually attending. You can also see more years past data. 
The applications tab will show you by student their application deadline dates as well as the status of their application.
Similarly the shortlists tab will show you the students name and link to any notes.
Scattergrams is another new feature. The graph displays schools past students application data points for this particular university. It is based on grades and test scores and the colour represents the outcomes of the applications.
Green - Accepted
Red - Rejected
Yellow - Waitlisted
Grey - No outcomes
You can change the axis to see different grades and compare that with particular tests. Hovering on each data point will also show more info on each application.
University info will show the university profile in the matcher
In courses you will see all the courses available at this university
Documents shows all document requirements for this university
Deadlines shows all the deadlines for New York university
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