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Understanding “Students Receiving Offers” section      

This is showing the number of students that received at least one offer from a university.  If there are 100 students that all applied to 6 universities and everyone received an offer from 3 universities, this would show as 100% because everyone received at least one.

Understanding “Students Attending University” section

This is showing the number of students that have accepted an offer from a University and intend to matriculate at the University.

Understanding “Offer Rate” section

This is showing the number of successful offers from all applications. For example, if there are 100 students that all applied to 6 universities and every student received an offer from 3 universities, this would show as 50% because the overall success rate was half of those applied to. This data does not include waitlisted offers from universities. The offer rate is calculated as the Total acceptance / ( total acceptance + total rejections).

How do I create PDF reports from Insights?

BridgeU Insights allows you to easily export the visualisation you see in each dashboard.  You can share the PDF export with anyone in your organisation or use it to make a presentation.  You have different export options that you can choose to suit your needs.  It is encouraged to speak with your Customer Success Manager to learn more about the data and how to receive the most value from it.  

STEP 1.  Move your mouse over the three parallel dots to the right of the screen. There will be an option to select Download Data.Screenshot_2019-05-14_at_4.03.07_pm.png

STEP 2.  Once you have clicked download data,  a pop up screen will appear for you to choose how you would like your data to be organised.  Click download


STEP 3.  After you have clicked download, check the bottom left corner of your screen for the download.


How can I receive weekly or monthly reports to my school?

You have the capability to request weekly or monthly reports sent directly to you via email. Please  see video below for further instructions.

How can I edit the data shown for my school?       

 Please contact your Customer Success Manager.

How do I get access to Insights?                                                             

Please contact Customer Success Manager or Support and provide names with email addresses for those who should have access. There is a limit of five users per school who can have access to Insights.

What does the benchmark data include?

Benchmark your school against the wider BridgeU community. You can easily select the benchmark you prefer (it can be based on student curriculum or school country) using the drop down menu at the top of the dashboard.

Does benchmarking in China include Hong Kong?  

Currently, the China benchmark data does not include Hong Kong.  

Does the data shown include students who did not apply to any university or course?

No. The Student Outcomes and Student Outcomes Benchmark tabs are concerned with student success when applying to university. For this reason, students who have made no applications are not included in any of the calculations.

Is UCAS counted as 1 single application?

UCAS does not count as 1 single application. The metric counts the individual institutions students apply to.





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