Student Experience Improvements


What’s happening?

BridgeU is on an exciting journey that will deliver incremental changes to students’ user experience when using BridgeU.


Why are we doing this?

You spoke, we listened… Feedback and insight gained from talking to BridgeU schools is crucial to how our product and design team make decisions about where, what and how we should improve BridgeU.

As a result of this, in recent months we’ve been working to make some changes to the platform based on a wide range of feedback, with a focus on improving the experience students have when using BridgeU.


What will change?

Over the coming months, you will see incremental changes being applied to the look and feel of BridgeU and the way in which some of the core functionality of BridgeU works. For the most part, the changes will be enhancements to how information within BridgeU is presented and organised, along with simplified interactions within the core feature set of BridgeU.

Any significant changes we make to BridgeU, will be introduced to students through in app on-boarding, along with being outlined within this help centre article.

This help centre article will be updated on an ongoing basis to communicate all important student experience improvement changes to Bridge-U.


July 2019


1. Navigation changes


Status: Planned release in early to mid July 2019

In this release we are making an important change that affects the way students navigate between University Matches, Shortlist and Applications.

What does this mean?

With this release, University Matching, Shortlisting,  and Applications will now be grouped under one navigation item labeled ‘Universities’.

Until now, these three stages of the student’s user journey  have been listed separately in the left navigation menu with no indication of how they should be used together. 

In placing these three steps under one navigation item, students will have a more complete overview of their application progress. 

The original student navigation:

‘University Matches’, ‘Shortlist’ and ‘Applications’ listed separately in the sidebar navigation.


The new student navigation:

‘University Matches’, ‘Shortlist’ and ‘Applications’ grouped together under a single navigation in the sidebar called ‘Universities.’ The new placement and presentation of ‘University Matches’, ‘Shortlist’ and ‘Applications’ includes number indicators for each section.


2. University Card design updates


Status: Planned release in early to mid July 2019

In this release we are making subtle, yet important changes to the way information is presented within a university card on BridgeU.

The first change is that the university cards now have a more consistent design across Matches, Shortlist and Applications. This means that all information shown on a university card is available across the 3 steps of the application process.


‘Students also shortlisted’… and ‘More courses at this university’ links can now be found on the new dropdown menu on the university card.


Reach, Match and Safety labels are now available on the university cards on Shortlist and Applications pages.


The card on the Applications page will now show an additional section; ‘Application Details’, which presents important information relevant to that particular application.  Students can now check the status of documents by clicking on the “Check status” link on this section.

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