BridgeU's Common App Integration - August 2019

BridgeU is excited to integrate with the Common App beginning with the 2019-2020 application. Read below to learn more.


When will the integration be available?

The Common App launched the 2019-2020 application on August 1, 2019. Students can now complete the following actions:

Learn how students can pair Common App and BridgeU accounts.

Learn how students can add Common App universities and colleges to their BridgeU Applications list.

[Video] Learn how students can pair and sync Common App with BridgeU.

The document submission component of the Common App integration is now available!

[Webinar] Learn about Document Sending via the Common App Integration.

Learn about forms that have changed with the integration here.

Review the Common App Integration FAQs here.


Is there anything BridgeU schools need to prepare for the integration?


Document Sending

The Common App integration will be made available to BridgeU schools that have access to BridgeU's Document Sending feature as part of their subscription.

If you are not sure if this is included in your subscription or are interested in adding this feature to your subscription, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email


All BridgeU schools that intend to use the integration must also have a valid CEEB code. A CEEB code will allow your school to submit Common App forms and documents on behalf of an applicant.

BridgeU most likely already has your school’s CEEB code on file. If not, you will have already received an email from your Customer Success Manager to inquire about it. If you are not sure and would like to check, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email

If you do not have a CEEB code, please request one by contacting ETS Code Control on +1-609-771-7091 or emailing them at for assistance. To request a code, you will need to have the signature of the school head.


What will the integration allow BridgeU schools to do?


[Video] Learn how students can pair and sync Common App with BridgeU.


Advisors (Counselors):

  • Advisors do not need to create a Common App Counselor account
  • Advisors will be able to send supporting documents (e.g., recommendations, transcripts, profiles, forms) to all Common App institutions via BridgeU Document Sending

[Webinar] Learn about Document Sending via the Common App Integration.

BridgeU Document Sending also supports sending to hundreds of non-Common App institutions via a Parchment integration. [Video] Learn more about BridgeU Document Sending via Parchment here.


Teacher Recommenders:


Other Recommenders:

  • Students should invite 'other recommenders' directly via Common App
  • Other recommenders should submit their materials directly via Common App
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