Add student labels

Labels are a handy way to keep students organised into groups. You can create labels for any category, from school house to the type of application.


To create a label:

Step 1: Click School Settings from the left-side menu and click on Student Labels.

Step 2: Type your label name, then click Add Label.  Repeat for each new label.

There are two ways to assign students to a label. 


Assign labels in bulk:

Step 1: First create all necessary labels.

Step 2: In the BridgeU 'Upload Template', enter the relevant label(s) in the Labels column.

Step 3: To assign students to multiple labels, separate label names with a semicolon.


Assign labels manually:

Step 1: Click Students from the left-side menu.

Step 2: Click the more menu icon mceclip0.png next to the Student name. Then click Edit student. 

Step 3:  Check all Labels section that apply, then click Edit Student

Step 4: Repeat for the next student. 



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