Review tasks

After students have completed the work that you've set them in Student Tasks, they will click Send to Review. This triggers a notification to you, so that you're able to monitor their progress. You have the power to Approve or Refuse their work. There are two methods to signal your decision.


Review from Student Tasks (Standard)

Step 1: Click on Student Tasks from the left-side menu.

Step 2: Find the task you would like to review and click View.

Step 3: Next to each student's name, press the Approve (tick) or Refuse (cross) button as required.

Note: For any tasks related to a BridgeU tool (e.g. Profile Builder, Universities, Recommendation Requests, writing builder, etc.), you will have the option to see the student's relevant work by clicking "Review" or "View progress". From here you can add comments to help them progress with the task. The "Review" or "View progress" will not be available for "None (custom)" tasks.




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