A Guide to Student Assessments

The assessments tool within BridgeU can be used to assign students with the task of completing ANY kind of assessment and keep track of their progress. The tool will work in conjunction with any brand of assessment tests therefore, allowing you to use the external provider of your choice! Assessments commonly set in BridgeU are the Careers Report or the Human eSource Assessments (learning styles, multiple intelligence and personality type)


How do I create an assessment?

Step 1: When logged in to your BridgeU account, click into the 'Assessments' tab in your features menu.


Step 2: Click on Create Assessment in the top right corner of your screen.


Step 3: A pop up will appear with all information necessary to create your assessment task. Here, you can enter the assessment name, link and a description of the instructions you wish for a student to read before filtering your students by graduating year, advisor or labels. Finally, you may set a due date which will notify the students and show up as a task on their dashboards. Create!

If this is the first time you assign an assessment test to your students, you have to provide them with an access key to create their account on Humanesources. To find your school's access key, follow the set up instructions here



Once you have created an assessment it will populate in the Assessments page. When you click on an assessment in the list, the details will appear down the right hand side allowing you to edit/delete at any time. The ticks next to the student will show grey for incomplete and green when the student has successfully completed the assessment. 


How do I see each student's assessments?

You can click on any student to see their progress and list of assessments they have been assigned. You can also upload their completed file for review, should you wish to do so.





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