Adding Users

There are multiple ways to add users to your BridgeU account. 

Users can be uploaded via Managebac Integration, in bulk or on an individual basis. Expand each section below to find your preferred way.

Bulk uploading users via spreadsheet

The upload template can also be used to bulk import students, staff, and/or parents.

Step 1: Click this link to access the BridgeU User Import Template spreadsheet. Click the file and make your own copy.

 If you cannot access google sheets please use the excel template at the bottom

Step 2: Navigate through the Advisors, Students and Parents sheets; look for the tabs within the spreadsheet.


Step 3: Follow the instructions tab in the spreadsheet, completing all of the required fields. There are validations which will tell you the data will not be processed correctly. Please correct these errors.

If you are pasting data from other software, e.g. Excel or your school's student management system, please "paste the value only" to avoid copying the format into the spreadsheet.

Step 4: Whether it is your first time or if you have imported a spreadsheet before, you can upload the file in BridgeU. Go to School Settings in the left-side menu, click Import Users Via Spreadsheet and then click the button Create by Spreadsheet


*BridgeU Upload Template - Excel Version *


Adding individual Students

Students can also be added individually from within BridgeU.

Step 1: Click on Students from the left-side menu.

Step 2: Click on Add Student in the top right corner.

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 1.42.25 PM.png

Step 3: Fill out the required fields.

  • Required fields: First name, Surname, Email
  • Optional Fields: Date of Birth, Graduating year, Assigned advisor, Labels, Parents

Step 4: Click add student at the bottom right corner.


If you have set up the ManageBac integration with BridgeU, please click here for instructions to import students into BridgeU.


Adding individual Staff members

Staff can be added individually from within BridgeU. Staff members can be nominated as an Advisor for full access to BridgeU, or a Report Writer for access to the Reference Letters tool only.


Step 1: Click on School Settings from the left-side menu.

Step 2: Click on the Staff tab.

Step 3: Click on  Appoint a staff member in the top right-hand corner.

Step 4: Enter the staff member’s first name, last name, and email address.

Step 5: If the staff member is only using BridgeU for Reference Letters, check the tickbox marked Only has access to Reference Letter Report Writing. Otherwise, leave this tickbox unchecked.  

Step 6: Click Appoint new staff member.


Adding Parents

Parents can be given access to their children’s BridgeU accounts. This will give them full access to make changes as if they were logged in as their child. 

Step 1: Click on Students from the left-side menu.
Step 2: Select a student for whom you wish to add parents, click on the more menu icon mceclip0.pngand click Edit Student


Step 3: Click on Add Parent

Step 4: Enter the first name, Surname and email. Repeat for any further parent accounts.

Step 5: After all parents have been added, click Edit Student. The parent(s) will receive an invite email sent from to activate their account.


Please note that siblings must have different parent email addresses attached to their student accounts.

Managebac Integration

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