Bulk upload users via spreadsheet

The upload template can also be used to bulk import students, staff and/or parents.

Step 1: Click this link to access the BridgeU User Import Template spreadsheet. Click file and make your own copy.

 *If you cannot access google sheets please use the excel template at the bottom*  

Step 2: Navigate through the Advisors, Students and Parents sheets; look for the tabs within the spreadsheet.


Step 3: Follow the instructions in the spreadsheet, completing all of the required fields. There are validations which will tell you the data will not be processed correctly. Please correct these errors. 

Step 4: Whether it is your first time or you if you have imported a spreadsheet before, you can upload the file in BridgeU. Go to School Settings in the left-side menu, click Import Users Via Spreadsheet and then click the button Create by Spreadsheet


*BridgeU Upload Template - Excel Version *


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