Part 3: Getting your university matches

BridgeU can automatically match you to universities/courses in a number of countries using the information from your Profile Builder.  

Step 1: From the left side menu click on Universities (or if you are in the Profile Builder click Get your university matches)

Step 2: You will be show 3 columns on screen based on how well they match the grades you entered; the orange for Reach, blue for Match, and green for Safety, with a total of 3 in each group displayed. The top options in these groups will be based on how well they match your preference questions from the Profile Builder.

NOTE: You can read more on what these groups mean from our guide.

You will only be shown 9 entries at one time but you can see how many possible matches you have in each group as well as how many you have total at the top of the screen.


Click the More Info link on an entry to learn more about the Chance of Acceptance and Preference Fit percentages for that university/course.

Step 3: If you are interested in a particular university/course, click the Shortlist button to add that entry to your Shortlist where you can research it further.

For entries you are not interested in you can remove them by clicking the Discard button.

NOTE: If you have discarded a university/course accidentally you can retrieve if by clicking the Discarded link in the top right of the page.

Now move on to Part 4: Researching your shortlisted universities/courses

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