View student dashboards

As an Advisor, you are able to review and edit your students' BridgeU accounts. Through a student's dashboard, you are able to see their Shortlist, Applications, Writing Builder and more! 

Note: Changes that you make to a student's account, including changes to the Shortlist and Applications, will be visible to students. So be careful!


Step 1: Access a student's summary page by clicking on their name in Students to bring up their overview. Then click on View Student's Dashboard (top right).

Step 2: You can now see your student's DashboardShould you wish to return to your own account, click My Dashboard in the top-right at any time.


Step 3: As you look through a student's account, you will have opportunities to Comment and Add Notes. For example, you can add a Note to a student's shortlisted universities. Your profile photo and name will identify which notes you have contributed.



Step 4Similarly, you can make comments on a student's draft work in the Writing Builder.


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