Lesson 13 - Researching shortlisted universities

Lesson 13 is all about researching the universities you have shortlisted in the earlier lessons. The research will help you: 

  • Gather useful information about the universities and courses you are considering applying to, 
  • Better understand the universities and courses you have shortlisted, 
  • Narrow down and decide to apply to the courses that are a best fit for you. 

Either as a group lesson, or individually, work though the activities in lesson 13 below.

To prepare yourself for this lesson, print or use the links provided for your reading material and make sure you have your BridgeU login details ready.



For counsellors: Task to set on BridgeU Research shortlisted universities with the following instructions

1) Go to the shortlist page
2) For each university or course that you’ve shortlisted, visit their website (see instructions on this article on Researching universities for more information https://help.bridge-u.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360003410377-Part-4-Researching-your-shortlisted-universities-courses)
3) For each University or course, add one note for each one of the following information:
3.a - Open days
3.b - Course content
3.c - Cost of living
3.d - What type of assessment is used (projects, exams, coursework...)
3.e - Scholarship opportunities
4) Submit the task for review (from the home page) see here: https://bridgeu.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115002209733-Send-a-task-to-my-advisor-for-review"

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