Explore feature guide

By using Explore feature, you can jump right in to learn more about popular Universities and start exploring top global University destinations within seconds. You can learn about the experience of studying in different countries. Navigate and filter through popular universities and courses even you don’t know your subjects or grades yet.


When you click on the Universities tool, you will see two tabs on the page: Explore and Matches. You can start exploring the popular University destinations by University, location, or course.

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Note: For Indian Universities, you will be redirected to BridgeU India portal


Explore by Country

The order of the Universities shown on each page is based on their popularity among BridgeU schools. You can add the chosen country directly to your profile builder by clicking on Add country to profile button. You can also learn more information about the application in the chosen country by checking our application guide or visiting our blog page and filtering by ‘University research and preparation’.Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 6.55.59 AM.png


In each University block, the 3 courses listed are also correspondent to the popularity among BridgeU students who applied for the courses with the university. You can click on the icon next to each course to add it directly to your shortlist. Click again to remove it from the shortlist University block. This is because the application for US Universities is based on the University, not on an individual course.


To learn more information about the University, click on the University name or logo. You will see a popup window that includes the overview and courses information of the university, where you can add the university to your shortlist and then choose a course at a later day in the Shortlist Tool.

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If you'd like to see popular courses based on subject in the Universities, you can do so by using the filter function.

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NEW: Students can now explore and receive reach/match/safety courses and universities in Singapore and South Korea.


Explore by Subject

When you click into each general subject, you will see a list of related courses. Under each course, you can find universities offering the course that are popular among BridgeU students. You can also click See all universities under each course to see a list of universities and shortlist them as you go.



If the subject is of your interest, you can Add subject to Profile to slowly complete your Profile Builder and the Matches will recommend universities and courses based on the subject you add.



If you'd like to see the courses in specific countries, you can do so by using the filter.



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