Bulk actions to manage students

If you'd like to edit multiple students' information in one go, you can do so in the Students tab.

Bulk edit students

Once you've selected the students you'd like to edit, you'll see Edit students button show up. Click on it, you can:

1. Change students' Graduating Year

2. Reassign advisor

3. Add labels from a list of labels you previously created in School Setting

4. Remove labels

After you input the desired field(s), click Update green button. You will see the change apply to selected students.

Please note that if one or some of the selected students were imported from ManageBac, you won't be able to change the Graduating Year. Please change the Class Grade/Current Academic Year setting on your school's ManageBac and then inform us at hi@bridge-u.com. We will be able to resync the data from ManageBac back to BridgeU for you.



More bulk actions

This enables you to:

1. Archive/Unarchive multiple students

2. Resend the registration emails to your students

3. Reset password

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