Tracking student registration

Track your students’ registration and progress in one simple, visual way.

You can easily identify students who are still required to complete their registration to resume their BridgeU experience.

In the Students section, if a student has a red warning icon Screenshot_2021-12-15_at_14.38.31.pngnext to their email address, this indicates they have not yet completed their registration.

By clicking on the student row with its three vertical dots, you can resend the registration email to an individual student. You can also select multiple unregistered students and click on More bulk actions to select Resend registration email in bulk.

Registration email reminders can also be sent to registered students in the same way.

For registered students, if a password reset is required instead, simply follow the same process as above, but select the Reset password option instead. These steps can also be done for a group of students, for more information please refer to our Bulk Actions to Manage Students article.


There are also other filters that can apply to track your students' registration progress. In the example below, we use how to identify Unregistered students.

Status options can help filter by one of the following: 1) Unregistered, 2) No Country Interests, 3) No Subject Interests, 4) No Shortlists/Applications, 5) Behind Schedule, 6) Inactive (a couple of options available) and 7) With No Tasks.

Step One: On the left-hand side, click Students.

Step Two: Click on Filters. Several options will be available to choose from; one of which is Status.

Step Three: Set the filter to Unregistered status to see a list of students who have not registered.


Step Four: You can select multiple unregistered students and with More bulk actions, you can select multiple students to Resend registration email.


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