Program Administrator Functions (Pro Tools for Human eSources/Keys to Succeed Assessments)

As an advisor, you can log into Human eSources/Keys to Succeed using your Program Administrator log in. Please contact your CSM or if you have not received your log in email from


Once logged in, you have 3 main sections to manage:


1. Individuals and Groups


Here you can use the search or filters to find individuals or lists of students based on their activity


And create groups (Add group) to help you manage your results. This is particularly useful if you have a multiple campus school, or want to divide the students by cohort or different forms. Students can select which group they want to join upon creating their account with your school's Access Key.


2. Results and Reports


This can be used to pull reports on groups of students who have completed different assessments on different dates.


3. Dashboard


View your Access Keys to share with other students who need to create their account, or click on the number of "In Progress" or "Completed" reports to see those students and view their reports.


When looking at a list of students, clicking on the name of any student will bring up their individual portfolio.Screenshot_2022-02-14_at_10.54.43.png

From here you can click on any completed assessments on the right-hand side to see the full report in detail.

If you have asked for "Report Locking" to be turned on, then this is where you can unlock student's results so that they can view them.


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