Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)

The People’s Republic of China has passed a law that is designed to ensure the data of Chinese citizens and residents are only used or transferred across borders with the permission of the owner of that data.

We’ve prepared this Help Centre article for advisors at our schools based in China, to explain what this new law means for you as a BridgeU user.

What is PIPL?

PIPL stands for Personal Information Protection Law. It is China’s first comprehensive law designed to regulate online data and protect personal information.

Among other things, PIPL is designed to ensure that the personal information of Chinese citizens and residents are only used or transferred across borders with the permission of the owner of that data.

As BridgeU, and most universities on the platform, are based outside of China, we need your permission to use your data.

Does PIPL change how BridgeU uses or processes my personal information?

No, PIPL does not change how BridgeU uses or processes your personal information.

When your school signed up to BridgeU you agreed to our privacy policy which allowed us to use and transfer your data. Our Privacy Policy has not changed.

PIPL only means that, because your school is based in China, we are required to seek your consent to use or process your personal information.

Why do you need to process my data?

Because we have employees in multiple countries and use various software based around the world, we can’t make BridgeU work for you without using and transferring your data internationally.

For advisors like you, the BridgeU platform works by using some of your personal information in order to allow you to login and use the platform at your school. We collect this data in order to ensure we can keep you updated on your students' progress, co-ordinate with other staff members at your school, and allow you to prepare and send your students' transcripts and application documents. 

What personal information does BridgeU use?

BridgeU only processes data that is relevant to your experience on the platform. This includes:

  • Your contact and personal information including name, title, name of school or university, city, state and country, telephone number, personal or work email address, and gender.
  • A photograph of you where this is uploaded by you.
  • Any information you provide to us during any activity carried out and/or uploaded through BridgeU.
  • All of the data contained within any further and higher education education application forms and supporting documentation prepared and/or submitted through the BridgeU platform such as references.
  • The IP address of the device you used to access the BridgeU platform.

For full information on the data we collect and how we use it, we would recommend reading our privacy notice.

Will I notice any changes in the BridgeU platform?

PIPL will not change anything about how you or other advisors at your school use the BridgeU platform.

When you login to BridgeU, you will be asked to complete an opt-in form, confirming that you are happy for BridgeU to use/process your data.

Specifically, this form will ask for your consent for BridgeU to:

  • Collect, store, use, or transfer your personal information including your sensitive personal information;
  • Transfer or share your personal information outside the People’s Republic of China;
  • Provide your personal information to any other organisations as needed;
  • Disclose your personal information including some sensitive personal information to relevant authorities as required by applicable laws and regulations.


What happens if I choose not to give this consent?

Unfortunately, if you don’t give consent, you won’t be able to use BridgeU in the future. Your school Customer Success Manager will be in touch with you to discuss the opt-out process in more detail. 

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