Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)

The People’s Republic of China has passed a law that is designed to ensure the data of Chinese citizens and residents are only used or transferred across borders with the permission of the owner of that data.

We’ve prepared this Help Centre article for advisors at our schools based in China, to explain what this new law means for you as a BridgeU user and customer.

What is PIPL?

PIPL stands for Personal Information Protection Law. It is China’s first comprehensive law designed to regulate online data and protect personal information.

Among other things, PIPL is designed to ensure that the personal information of Chinese citizens and residents are only used or transferred across borders with the permission of the owner of that data.

As BridgeU, and most universities on the platform, are based outside of China, we need your permission to use your data.

Does PIPL change how BridgeU uses or processes my/my students’ personal information?

No, PIPL does not change how BridgeU uses or processes your personal information or your students’ personal information.

When your school signed up to BridgeU you agreed to our privacy policy which allowed us to use and transfer your data. Our Privacy Policy has not changed.

PIPL only means that, because your school and your students are based in China, we are required to seek your students’ consent to use or process their personal information.

Why do you need to process my students’ data?

Because we have employees in multiple countries and use various software based around the world, we can’t make BridgeU work for you without using and transferring your data internationally.

For students, the BridgeU platform works by using some of their personal information in order to give them a personalised university research and application experience. We collect this data in order to provide your students with university and course recommendations, to send them relevant events and guidance, and to allow them to submit any applications through BridgeU Apply.

What personal information does BridgeU use?

BridgeU only processes data that is relevant to your experience on the platform, for example, your name and email address.

In order to provide students with a personalised experience, we collect information including:

  • Their name and date of birth
  • Their email address
  • Their target grades
  • Their subject preferences

In certain situations, we may collect “sensitive” personal information.

For example, if a student is applying to a university using BridgeU Apply, the application process may require information such as their medical/health status, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.

In line with the law, ​​we only process this type of data when there is a specific, necessary and legitimate purpose, and have implemented protective measures to safeguard its security.

For full information on the data we collect and how we use it, we would recommend reading our privacy notice.

Will I/my students notice any changes in the BridgeU platform?

PIPL will not change anything about how you or your students use the BridgeU platform.

When your students log in to BridgeU, they will be asked to complete an opt-in form, confirming that they are happy for BridgeU to use/process their data.

Specifically, this form will ask for you/your student’s consent for BridgeU to:

  • Collect, store, use, or transfer their personal information including their sensitive personal information;
  • Transfer or share their personal information outside the People’s Republic of China;
  • Provide their personal information to any other organisations as needed;
  • Disclose their personal information including some sensitive personal information to relevant authorities as required by applicable laws and regulations.

Note: In order to minimise disruption for any students who are currently using BridgeU to shortlist or complete an application to a university, we will, in the first instance, only ask for consent from students who have recently provisioned with a BridgeU account in the past few months. However, we will ultimately require every student at your school who uses BridgeU to grant their consent as laid out in PIPL.

What happens if my students choose not to give this consent?

Unfortunately, if your students don’t give consent, your students won’t be able to use BridgeU in the future. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us via  before opting out.

If your students have any concerns, we’d also recommend that they talk to you or their parents.

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