How to send out teacher recommendations (Common App specific guide)

If your school is using Common App integration and your students have paired their BridgeU and Common App accounts, please find the following steps to send out their teacher recommendations.

Step 1: Upload teacher recommendations. Please refer to this article to find out the two methods to upload teacher recommendations.

Step 2: Whether the teacher recommendation was manually uploaded by you, the school counselor/advisor OR requested by students and then uploaded by teachers, you will need to click into the teacher recommendation to take action. Document Sending > locate the student and click the student name > click Send Common App Forms grey button on the top right corner of the Common App section > locate the teacher recommendation and click the title of the teacher recommendation.


Note 1: If the teacher recommendation was requested by the student and is still in pending status, you will need to wait on the teacher to upload so that the teacher recommendation title will become clickable and available to you.
Note 2: Once you click into the form and if you’d like to change the PDF letter file attached to the TR form, you can click Choose File button in the first section Recommendation upload to select a new PDF file from your local drive and upload to replace the old one. Note that you’ll need to save the form to save the replacement of PDF file at the end.

Step 3: In the teacher recommendation form, please select one of the listed universities in Teacher Recommendation Assignment section. Please note that this is a required field from Common App in order to save the form successfully. You will be able to change the initial assignment in step 6 below.


Note 1: If the university doesn’t require any teacher recommendations, it won’t show in the section.
Note 2: If the application has reached its limit for teacher recommendations, you won’t be able to select it.

Step 4: Review the rest of the form, if you are happy with the form, click Save green button at the bottom of the TR form. If there’s any form error and you are unsure how to solve this, please contact to provide the name/email of the student and specify which teacher recommendation. We will look into this for you and advise further.

If you manually uploaded the teacher recommendation file, please remember to fill out the form on behalf of the teacher.

Step 5: Once the TR form is saved successfully, you will be directed back to the previous layer, Common App overlay. You will see the TR document bubble turn red meaning it’s ready to be sent. When you are ready to send the TR, click Send Teacher Recommendations grey button on the top right corner of the Teacher Recommendations section.


Step 6: In the Teacher Recommendation Sending Sendgrid/table, you will see the default green tick that represents your previous initial assignment on the specific TR form. You can rearrange the assignment in this table and finally click Send green button.

If there are multiple TRs ready to be sent appearing in this table but you want to send out only one or specific TRs for the moment, you can untick the selection for the TRs you’d like to send at a later day and then only tick for those you’d like to send out this time. After you hit the Send green button, you’ll see the timestamp and status updated for those TR you’ve sent out and the green tick will be put back to those you’d like to send at a later day to indicate your initial assignment.


You can download our Teacher Recommendation Assignment spreadsheet in this Help Centre article. The spreadsheet can be used to communicate with your students to understand their preference of which teacher recommendation goes to which application.

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