Requesting a Letter of Recommendation - Tips & Templates for Students

Recommendation Letters are an integral part of a successful university application. You may not be used to requesting these, but it’s an expected part of the application process.

This article will provide you with a few tips and templates you may consider when requesting a Letter of Recommendation from your teachers.

First, Check out  Lesson 16 in our lesson plan curriculum which sets a good base for how to help students request a letter of recommendation from teachers.

In addition to our lesson plan, the tips can help the recommendation letter request process go smoothly and get you a great recommendation from your teachers:

1. Ask in person first

Don't surprise your teachers with an email request, make sure you are letting your teachers know beforehand you will be reaching out to them for a formal letter of recommendation. It will be helpful to them if you explain what program and universities you are applying for, what the due date is for sending them, and any other details or information they should know when writing your letter.

2. Send a formal request

After you have notified your teacher of your upcoming request, it's time to send a formal letter asking for a recommendation. This can be done through the BridgeU platform under the Recommendations Tool.  Make sure to include the information you discussed with them in person such as the program/universities you are applying for, the due date, and any other relevant details.

Follow these instructions on how to request a letter of recommendation on BridgeU.

You can use the template given in the Recommendations Tool:


Or if you would like to make it more customized, you can get ideas by clicking on the "Don't know what to say" at the bottom of the page:


3. Include a Brag Sheet/CV

It can be hard for teachers to come up with content for every student, so give them a hand by including a brag sheet or your CV talking about yourself and your achievements. CommonApp provides an example brag sheet that you can fill in and send over and BridgeU provides a template for writing your CV.

4. Follow up before the due date

Teachers are super busy and it's likely you are not the only student who has asked for a recommendation letter this application season. Make sure you are following up by sending kind reminders a week or two before the letters are due

5. Express Gratitude

Saying thank you goes a long way during the application season. Make sure you are thanking your teachers for their time. This is good practice and common courtesy.

Looking for Templates?

Use the template and ideas provided in the BridgeU Recommendations Tool.

Still out of ideas? Check out these templates:

If you have any questions or general feedback - we’d love to hear from you! Simply reach out to our Support team via Live Chat or by emailing us on: and we’ll gladly assist you further

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