Student Resource Manual for Counsellors

BridgeU delivers a variety of resources such as ebooks, cheat sheets, lesson plans and application guides to guide you and your students throughout their university guidance program, all the way from career exploration to university application and beyond. 

Download our easy-to-use BridgeU Counsellor Manual (available in .xlsx format, see at the end of the article) to help our BridgeU Counsellor community to utilise those resources and embed them into their guidance curriculum.

Click 'Use template' or download the attachment to filter the resources per tab.

 The manual specifies resources that can be used as the year cohort progresses to support them with their university research and exploration journey. 

There is no restriction as to when you can use the different BridgeU resources or to which year group; the same way as using the BridgeU task schedule. However, we have grouped resources by year level so that you may navigate them easily when starting a guidance session for a specific class.

The index page has a list of all the resources which can be used to filter by type of resource, or even category. 


If you have any questions, need further assistance or have some general feedback for us - we’d love to hear from you! Contact our Support team via Live Chat and by emailing

If you have yet to join, our BridgeU Community is available.  A space exclusively for our BridgeU counsellors to gain or share practices, discuss general questions or share your own successes with other BridgeU counsellors.

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